I’m currently pursuing the VCDX status.
I’ve writen the Enterprise Exam at VMworld 2009 and passed. Up next the design exam!
I did not get the change to update this page as much as I would like due to a busy schedule.
Hopefully this will soon change.

On this page links to documents and articles will appear which I have read and think are an addition to the Enterprise Administration Exam study guide written by Peter van den Bosch.


Study Guide:
Enterprise Study Guide 0.2

Enterprise BluePrint:


  • Round Robin Load Balancing: vi3_35_25_roundrobin.pdf
  • Duncan Epping about enableresignature-and-disallowsnapshotlun: Yellow Bricks article
  • VMFS Volume Management (LVM header and signature info): vmfs_resig.pdf
  • A bit dated (2006), but still lots of tips and tricks for the console: ESX 3.0 tips and tricks
  • RAID Levels, a short overview of various RAID levels: Which RAID Level is Right for Me
  • RAID Levels, Wikipedia
  • NPIV; Emulex Best Practices voor virtual HBA
  • Networking:

  • The great vSwitch debate by Ken Cline: starting at Part 1
  • VMware Technical Paper: Virtual Networking Concepts
  • Other VCDX info:

    Duncan Epping posted the road map to become VCDX certified
    John Arrasjid (twitter), VCDX #001 frequently twitters tips for the design, for people not using twitter, Duncan Epping collects and blogs them at Yellow Bricks

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